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●○● Ph.D. Students
Ladda Leungratanamart
Graduated: Mahidol University
Year: D3
Research: Fluid Intelligence, Executive Function, P300, ERD/ERS
E-mail: leungratanamart<at>yahoo<.>com

Research proposal:
  " Fluid intelligence (Gf) is one of the most important factors in learning. Moreover, it is closely related to professional and educational success of human life. The psychometric literature indicates that Gf begin to decline in early adult. There are evidences shown that Gf is closely related to executive function (EF). Neural basis studies, demonstrate that EF is managed primarily by the prefrontal cortex, and this area involved in Gf.  There are many researches studied the relationships between EF and Gf. The conclusions, regarding the effect of aerobic exercise training, on EF remain unclear (Tomporowslei 2003b, Newson and Kemps 2008, Scisco et al 2008, Stroth et al 2009). Can an early adult improve their Gf and EF by aerobic exercise training? A high fitness level is associated with Gf, thus, aerobic exercise training as an alternative way possibly can improve Gf and EF. "




Churairat Duangchan
Graduated: Mahidol University
Year: D3
Research: Face-Name Associative Learning, Recognition Memory, ERP
E-mail: julyratana<at>yahoo<.>com

Research proposal:

  " Older adults exhibit difficulty binding unites of information together into a single memory trace. Naveh-Benjamin (2000) has proposed an associative deficit hypothesis (ADH) of aging. This associative deficit has been observed using various types of paring stimuli, especially pairings of names and faces. The encoding and retrieving the name to which that face is associated often requires more effortful, strategic processing. Face–name associations are an ideal stimulus for examining neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the binding of elements into episodic memories. What are the best encoding strategies (intentional, self-generated interactive imagery and semantic sentence guided interactive imagery encoding) in face-name associative learning affect the successful memory which familiarity-base or recollection-base recognition? There are few studies to explore how neural activity varying across encoding strategies in face-name associative learning task by testing recognition memory with a standard method of isolating associative memory and ERPs. "




Anchana Julsiri
Graduated: Mahidol University
Year: D3
Research: Thai music, Working Memory, EEG Power Bands, ERD/ERS
E-mail: julsiri<at>gmail<.>com

Research proposal:
  "  Working memory (WM) is necessary for many cognitive abilities, such as reasoning, language comprehension, planning and spatial processing, but WM capacity declines when getting older. There are many methods to increase the WM capacity among elderly. On interesting method is that listening to pleasant music, from the results can activate reward pathway (Menon and Levitin, 2005); thus, dopamine is released from mesocorticolimbic system into the prefrontal cortex. If there are moderate dopamine levels in the prefrontal cortex, WM performance can be optimized. "




Thiti Raseekul
Graduated: Khon Kaen University
Year: D3
Research: Sleep, Nap, Reducing False Memory, EEG Power Spectrum
E-mail: mrthitikul<at>gmail<.>com

Research proposal:
  " Research has shown that naps and head massages can improve memory. However, their effects on false memory, often found among young people, is a matter yet to be soundly addressed. The present study focuses specifically on young adults, comparing the relative efficiency of naps and head massages on improving memory, and on reducing false memory. Other research instruments to be used include the Thai General Health Questionnaire (for screening), the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third edition (WAIS-III) verbal comprehension (as a covariate), with electroencephalograms used in the nap group to measure and record electrical activity in the left anterior temporal lobe (LATL), known to be vital for semantic processing. "




  Panida Wimanrat
Graduated: Mahidol University
Year: D3
Research: Audiovisual Perception, Attention
E-mail: wimanrat<at>gmail<.>com

Research proposal:
  " coming soon "




  Chutima Hirun-orn
Graduated: King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Year: D2
Research: Biofeedback, ADHD
E-mail: chutima_oa<at>hotmail<.>com

Research proposal:
  " coming soon "




  Sukrit Wongwaengnoi
Graduated: Kasetsart University
Year: D2
Research: Human Mirror Neural System
E-mail: sukrit.ww<at>gmail<.>com

Research proposal:
  " coming soon "




  Weera Bhumgerd
Graduated: Srinakharinwirot University
Year: D2
Research: Neuroeconomics, Decision Making
E-mail: veera_poo<at>hotmail<.>com

Research proposal:
  " coming soon "




  Sanong Klumchim
Graduated: Silpakorn University
Year: D2
Research: Reflexology, Attention Control
E-mail: sanongbb<at>hotmail<.>com

Research proposal:
  " coming soon "




  Fengqin Liu
Graduated: Chuxiong Normal University, PRC : Burapha University
Year: D1
Research: Linguistics, Auditory Perception
E-mail: dalijoe2005<at>yahoo<.>com<.>cn

Research proposal:
  " coming soon "


●○● Exchange Student



●○● List of OBs (Bachelor)

No. Graduation Year Name Surname Group E-mail
1 2009 Peerapong Somboonyod  Durian peekung5<at>hotmail<.>com
2 2009 Theerapon Paritwanon Durian mama5bath<at>hotmail<.>com
3 2009 Warunee Bundit Durian aya_huu<at>hotmail<.>com
4 2009 Nalinee Chanamool Speech nachi_mumu<at>hotmail<.>com
5 2009 Benyada Unhalekajit Speech be_ny_a_da<at>hotmail<.>com
6 2009 Rungrot Saetan Touch bigbossing<at>hotmail<.>com
7 2009 Komsan Sookmuang Touch delkaizer_nutchan<at>hotmail<.>com
8 2010 Atidtaya Jitpirom Factory pigi2211_panda<at>hotmail<.>com
9 2010 Surang Saranpong Factory saranpong<at>hotmail<.>com
10 2010 Chawanwit Panduangnet Factory pungka_144<at>hotmail<.>com
11 2010 Phraewpran Khamjaroen TSP praew_cat<at>hotmail<.>com
12 2010 Sukanya Taepaiboon TSP odam_f<at>hotmail<.>com
13 2010 Chanita Khemsamrit TSP idealgoo<at>hotmail<.>com
14 2010 Saranya Winijmongkolsin Fractal vannessine<at>hotmail<.>com
15 2010 Supichaya Areewongsin Fractal celebon_giggog<at>hotmail<.>com
16 2010 Weerachai Chanchaiweeraphun Robot linkin_pr<at>hotmail<.>com
17 2010 Somphong Kaewphakhun Robot kaew_josa<at>hotmail<.>com
18 2010 Yotsapon Doungdara Robot yots_drlove<at>hotmail<.>com



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